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It’s not easy being green: running a sustainable business has its challenges

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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), launched 15 years ago, provides a reporting framework that allows organizations to report on their sustainability initiatives. This voluntary reporting initiative is growing in popularity,

Running a sustainable business requires change, and change is difficult. Top challenges that companies face, according to Jeffrey Puritt, President of TELUS International, are:

  • Obtaining senior management support
  • Engaging employees
  • Cost
  • Knowing what to measure
  • Identifying sustainable suppliers
  • Consumer desire for sustainable products

The good news is, companies that have implemented sustainability programs are worth more than companies that don’t. The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes demonstrate that reporting on the triple bottom line of environmental, social and economic performance adds value.

Author: Jill Barson Gilbert

Founder, President & CEO of Lexicon Systems, LLC, an independent management consulting firm in Houston, TX. Thought leader on environment, health & safety (EHS) and sustainability software. Trusted advisor on strategic planning and strategic marketing issues.

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