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Verdantix names top sustainability providers… business, not environment, appears to drive sustainability initiatives

A December 12 Verdantix report named the top providers of sustainability assurance. The top six are:
1. Bureau Veritas (BV)
2. Deloitte
3. Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
4. Ernst & Young (EY)
6. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

What is most interesting about this list is that all of the above organizations approach sustainability from an top-down, integrated business perspective, NOT from a bottom-up environmental perspective.

You can find a summary of the Green Quadrant Sustainability Assurance Global 2013 report on the Verdantix web site.

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e-Waste quantity continues to rise

Electronics, like other consumable goods, present an end-of-life disposal issue. But it seems that unwanted electronics are piling up and not being recycled. The Solving the eWaste Problem (StEP) Initiative, a UN-backed effort, estimates that the amount of electronic waste (e-Waste) generated per person will increase by one-third by 2017. StEP provides an interactive e-Waste map that shows that the USA generated 29.71 kg of e-Waste per capita, versus 31.71 kg put on the market in 2012.

recycle keyAlthough we live in a “disposable society,” as individuals and citizens of a large, powerful country, we should do what we can to increase reuse and recycling of e-Waste.

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