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lex'•i•con: the vocabulary of a branch of knowledge. Thoughts on environment, health & safety (EHS), sustainability and information technology to support them.

Making the case for EHS software

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Making the Case for EH&S SoftwareDeveloping a business case for environment, health & safety (EH&S) software can be a challenge, especially when C-level executives focus on “hard” numbers like Return on Investment (ROI) and not “soft” benefits.

If you need to prepare a business case for an EH&S software investment, read Making the Case for EH&S Software to learn

  • What drives software investment decisions,
  • Why prepare a business case?
  • Critical business case components, and
  • Five (5) tips for preparing a business case.

This column is part of the IT Insight archives, a collection of more than 75 articles on EH&S and sustainability issues and the information technology (IT) that supports them.

Author: Jill Barson Gilbert

Founder, President & CEO of Lexicon Systems, LLC, an independent management consulting firm in Houston, TX. Thought leader on environment, health & safety (EHS) and sustainability software. Trusted advisor on strategic planning and strategic marketing issues.

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