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Google turns 14

Happy 14th birthday, Google! Where would we be without Google? The company name that is synonymous with its search engine even has its own verb, “to Google.” Google is the perfect example of disruptive technology—a new technology that comes along that we cannot live without.

Every day people conduct 1 billion or more Google searches. And the search engine is just the tip of the iceberg. Consumers and businesses alike use Google Maps and Google Earth and gmail. Let’s not forget the Google Chrome Web browser (4 years old today), YouTube, Google Docs, Google Wallet and more. What an impact this company has had in its short life!

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The Web comes of age

Happy 21st birthday to the World Wide Web! The first Web page went live on 6 August 1991. Do you remember where you were then? I remember huddling around our lone PC using “Gopher” to do an Internet search. It was slow. Today, we have several PCs and other Internet-capable devices, when I never imagined having more than one computer.