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Auto makers top 2013 Global Green Brands list

The auto industry has made a comeback–not only in number of units sold, but in sustainability efforts. Hybrids and electric cars are becoming more popular and more affordable. Some newer models do not sacrifice performance for fuel efficiency.

Toyota CamrySix of the top ten companies on the 2013 Global Green Brands list are auto makers. Compare this to 2013, when tech companies took most of the top spots.

The success of these automakers shows that a strong sustainability strategy has substantial benefits. What these brands have done right is focusing on efficiency and fuel savings—which are top-of-mind for most consumers—while working to also deliver on performance and style.

Plenty of tech companies are in the top 25. According to Interbrand, adopting sustainable business practices not only saves money, but helps in other ways. Being “green” helps companies to:

  • drive innovation
  • recruit and retain staff
  • enhance public image
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • reduce energy usage
  • reduce packaging and disposal costs.

The ‘techification’ of our entire world is helping to enable environmental efforts across a variety of industries.

You can find the 2013 Global Green Brands list, plus articles, interviews and commentary here.