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Read the fine print when surfing the Web

We often surf the Web, download documents or apps without reading the Web site terms and conditions and privacy statements. A Time post by Victor Luckerson says that when we use a Web site, we enter into a contract, and we may click “Agree” without knowing what we just agreed to. Companies can track your activities, sell your information and photos and give your information to law enforcement agencies without your knowledge. You may not be able to delete your account on some sites, or may not be able to delete content permanently. And terms can change at any time. So beware!

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The Web comes of age

Happy 21st birthday to the World Wide Web! The first Web page went live on 6 August 1991. Do you remember where you were then? I remember huddling around our lone PC using “Gopher” to do an Internet search. It was slow. Today, we have several PCs and other Internet-capable devices, when I never imagined having more than one computer.